Drill Music and the Law: Paul Jackson writes for New Law Journal

September 14, 2023

Paul Jackson examines the complex relationship between drill music artists and the admissibility of music lyrics and videos to establish gang affiliation in this month’s issue of the New Law Journal.

He comments:

“There is a considerable grey area between a legitimate artist and a genuine violent gang member. Any trial judge must be urged to take care before allowing violent lyrics and videos, especially if not supported by other evidence, to go before a jury as potential evidence of gang affiliation.”

Read full piece here: [NLJ_2023_Vol173_Issue8038_Sep_Specialist_Criminal_Jackson]

Paul Jackson is a specialist defence criminal barrister and is instructed to defend in cases of the utmost seriousness including serious sexual offences, murders, multi-handed violence, a wide range of drug offences, gun crimes and serious frauds: [Paul Jackson Profile]