Defending a Prosecution of a Fire Brigade

December 1, 2021

As the Grenfell Inquiry slowly comes to an end, Government will soon begin the task of assessing the recommendations in the Inquiry reports.
Fire and Rescue Services will be under pressure to carry out more inspections. Inevitably prosecution cases will rise in the Magistrates’ and Crown Courts.

Michael Goodwin QC and Sailesh Mehta (Head of RLC Fire Law Team) have written an article looking at the points to consider when defending Fire Prosecutions for the Big Red Guide.

In the piece they look at the following:

-Entry to Premises
-Questioning inside the Premises
-Enforcement Notices
-Responsible Person
-Companies and Directories
-Decision to Prosecute
-Overlap Between Alleged Breaches
-Expert Evidence
-Scrutinising Opinion before Pre-Trial
-Sentencing Exercise

Read full piece here: [The Big Red Guide]

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