David Walbank QC Launches New CrimeCast.Law Series of ‘Bite-Sized Reviews’

July 23, 2021

David Walbank QC continues to expand the range of series on his CrimeCast.Law criminal law updating service. The ‘Bite-Sized Reviews’ comprise abridged versions, re-filmed and re-edited for inclusion in this new series, of more in-depth reviews previously added to the website.

The video case reviews uploaded since 6th July 2021 include, in order of release date:

R v CB; R v Mohammed (Sultan) [2020] 2 Cr App R 305 on prosecution disclosure of complainants’ mobile phones and electronic devices

R (Bussetti) v DPP [2020] EWHC 3004 on the minimum requirements for a written Case Stated and the nature of such an appeal

R (Redston) v DPP [2020] EWHC 2962 (Admin) on the relationship between the police and the CPS as an independent public prosecution body

R (DPP) v Woolwich Crown Court [2021] 1 WLR 938 on the continuation of jury trials and the approach to Custody Time Limits during the Covid 19 pandemic

R v Thacker (Edward) [2021] 2 WLR 1087 on criminal offences relating to airport protests, the defence of necessity and challenges to the Law Officers’ consent to prosecute

R (End Violence Against Women Coalition) v DPP [2021] 2 Cr App R 2 on the CPS’s approach to charging decisions following accusations of rape and serious sexual offences

R v Finch (Simon James) [2021] 4 WLR 64 on the application of the ‘brightline’ rule when sentencing a defendant with Autism/Aspergers for disclosing Highly Classified information

R (Latif) v Justice Secretary [2021] 4 WLR 61 on the lawfulness of steps taken to tighten licence conditions for terrorist offenders following the Fishmongers’ Hall outrage

R v Plaku (Isuf) [2021] 4 WLR 82 on determining the appropriate reduction for a guilty plea

David specialises in defending allegations of Business Crime (Serious and Complex Fraud, Bribery and Corruption & Money Laundering and the Proceeds of Crime) and representing individuals facing trial for Murder and Manslaughter. Earlier this week at the Central Criminal Court, he secured the acquittal on all charges of the defendant in the case of the so-called ‘Road Rage Murder’.