David Walbank KC Lectures to The Whitehall Prosecutors Group

June 16, 2023

David Walbank KC has delivered a lecture to the Whitehall Prosecutors Group, a forum for senior prosecutors from all the main Government prosecution agencies.

David’s talk, on Thursday 8th June 2013, was attended by senior staff from a range of agencies, including:

• Crown Prosecution Service
• Environment Agency
• Health & Safety Executive
• Department for Work & Pensions
• Independent Office for Police Conduct
• Insolvency Service
• Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner
• Office of Nuclear Regulation
• Office of Rail and Road
• Pensions Regulator
• Security Industry Authority

David was asked to talk about his selection of recent judgments of practical import to Government prosecutors and his presentation and lecture pack included an examination of a range of cases, including but not limited to each of the following:

R v Lalchan (Nicholas Azam) [2022] 3 WLR 385
The jurisdictional consequences of a failure by the prosecution to obtain the consent of the Attorney General before instituting criminal proceedings in respect of offences for which such consent is required.

DPP v Cook [2023] 1 Cr App R 15
Whether the court could go behind a prosecutor’s certificate as to the date when he or she had knowledge of evidence sufficient to charge a defendant?

R v Luckhurst (Andrew John) [2022] 1 WLR 3818
In the case of parallel criminal and civil proceedings, based on essentially the same facts and evidence, were legal expenses in the civil proceedings caught by the same prohibition as prevented a restraint order being varied to enable the defendant to pay privately for his criminal defence?

R v Andrewes (Jon) [2022] 1 WLR 3878
In a prosecution arising from an extreme version of ‘CV padding’, the court considered the proportionality of a confiscation order made against the defendant in circumstances where it was common ground that he had performed well in his job and given full value for his fraudulently obtained salary.

David Walbank KC specialises in the trial of white-collar crime. His CrimeCast.Law video updating website offers more than 250 video case reviews on recent caselaw and legislation.

For free and instant access to all the reviews, visit [CrimeCast.Law]. David is also the crime correspondent for New Law Journal and writes the fortnightly Crime Brief column.