Dan Taylor instructed for the defence in high-profile murder case of 10 year old Sara Sharif

September 25, 2023

Dan Taylor has been instructed to defend Faisal Malik, who has been charged alongside Beinash Batool and Urfan Sharif, with the murder of 10 year old girl, Sara Sharif.

Sara Sharif’s father, Urfan Sharif, her stepmother, Beinash Batool and her uncle, Faisal Malik flew to Pakistan with five children in August sparking an international police search.

They were arrested upon their return to the UK 5 weeks later and charged with murder after police found Sara’s body at their Surrey home in August.

The trial is due to take place at the Central Criminal Court on 2 September 2024 lasting up to eight-weeks.

Dan Taylor is experienced in defending high-profile cases of murder, attempted Murder & Manslaughter including those featuring young and/or vulnerable witnesses and defendants. Read more: [Dan Taylor Profile]

Dan is instructed by Gias Uddin and Aashar Malik of Woolfe and Solicitors.

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