Combating Money Laundering in International Supply Chains

July 3, 2023

Tom Forster KC addressed The Fraud Lawyers Association (FLA) Annual Conference along with a panel of speakers chaired by Jamas Hodivala KC on the topic of combating money laundering in international supply chains.

The FLA Annual Conference took place on Friday 30 June at the offices of Allen & Overy.

In Jan 2023, Tom Forster KC ( leading Anita Clifford and Russell Hopkins of 1 Harcourt Buildings) represented the World Uyghur Congress in its important challenge brought against the Home Office, HMRC and NCA’s decision not to investigate breaches of POCA to do with cotton imports from Xinjiang, China.

The Congress has been granted permission to appeal the judgment of the Administrative Court with Spotlight on Corruption intervening. Read more: [Tom Forster KC & Anita Clifford represent the World Uyghur Congress]