Christopher Paxton QC and Marc Brown secure conviction in Norfolk domestic violence killing.

March 4, 2020

On Friday the 28th February, following an eight day trial,  Jeyamalar Kumarathas was convicted of the murder of her husband of 30 years, Mr Kumarathas Rajasingham.

On the 16th March last year, following an argument between them, Mrs Kumarathas attacked her husband from behind with a kitchen knife,  in the kitchen of their family home in Burdock Close, Wymondham.   She then followed him into the living room of their house where she inflicted another blow, this time in front of her two vulnerable adult children. Both blows were fatal.  Mr Rajasingham died the following day.

The defence at trial was one of diminished responsibility.  The jury took less than two hours to reach their verdict.

Mrs Kumarathas was sentenced on Monday the 2nd March to life imprisonment with a minimum term order of 16 years.