Channel 4 News interviews Kate Bex KC

August 31, 2023

Channel 4 News interviewed Kate Bex KC following news that the Ministry of Justice will give judges the power to order an offender to attend their sentence hearing and for custody officers to use reasonable force if necessary.

Kate Bex KC spoke to News Presenter Krishnan Guru-Murthy about:

-the practicalities of physically forcing an offender into court
-the risks to custody officers
-why adding additional time to a whole life sentence would have no effect
-how a sentence hearing ought to be about victims not offenders and
-that the government’s focus should be in clearing record court backlogs.

Watch news clip here:
[ Channel 4 News]

Nominated for Crime Silk of the Year 2022, Kate Bex KC is a highly regarded criminal advocate who defends and prosecutes. She specialises in Murder & Manslaughter and large scale Serious & Organised Crime. Read more: [Kate Bex KC Profile]