June 6, 2019
Chambers announced a new partnership today with the East London Business Alliance (ELBA), a registered charity and non-profit agency that has been supporting the social and economic regeneration of East London for 30 years. ELBA works in partnership with businesses to build the capacity of local organisations, harnessing the time, skills and expertise of volunteers to deliver a broad range of community interventions. Gillian Jones QC, co-Head of Chambers said:

“We are delighted to be the first Chambers to partner with ELBA to promote the values of diversity and social mobility to bring about a positive impact in East London. Our focus will be on community development through Board Match, as well as, education and employment. We plan to launch a bespoke mentoring programme, supporting law students at East London based Universities to prepare for entry into the legal profession, as well as reaching out to local school children. We look forward to exciting work ahead”