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CBA Ballot on Litigators’ Fees, Returns and new Legal Aid work

19. Jul 2015

Red Lion Chambers is aware of the result of the recent Criminal Bar Association ballot concerning


  • the 8.75% cut to litigators’ fees,
  • the proposal to implement a no-returns policy after 27th July 2015, and
  • a moratorium on the acceptance of new Legal Aid work with orders dated after 1st July 2015.


Chambers is not in position to impose any policy upon its members in relation to such action. Accordingly, we are obtaining the views of each and every member on an individual basis. Any implementation of a no-returns policy or a refusal to accept new Legal Aid work with representation orders after 1st July will be on an individual basis only.


Please call either Mark Bennett, our Practice Director, or Nick Parkinson, his Deputy, if you require any further information:  020 7520 6002.