Cameron Brown QC talks to podcast ‘The World’s Greatest Lawyer’ about his journey as a Lawyer.

July 8, 2020
Cameron Brown QC joins Ben Wilson for podcast ‘The World’s Greatest Lawyer’ where he recalls his journey as a US qualified lawyer and barrister. He recounts his reasons for coming to the Bar, difficulties in obtaining pupillage, the challenges of working at the Bar, including mental health, and the experience of becoming a new silk earlier this year.

In his early 20s, Cameron spent a year in the States working in the US Criminal Justice System , working in Louisiana and Texas and fighting appeal cases for those on ‘Death Row’. Working on multiple murder cases, often involving children, was a life defining moment. On one occasion he recalls:

“”I had to take a statement from the wife of a drug dealer involved in a drive by shooting. Her husband came home early and chased me down the street with a baseball bat. He destroyed my rental car with the same bat and I had to change addresses various times that night as I was frankly terrified of what would happen if he got hold of me!’

On becoming a new silk earlier this year, Cameron recalls in the podcast the surreal moment of experiencing Silk’s Day – which was one of the last public ceremonies to happen as London began went into Lockdown.

“We were one of the last public ceremonies to happen. The waiter was ushering us along in the restaurant after the ceremony as he wanted to close the place down. It felt like the whole world was shutting down! ….I am very much looking forward to appearing as a QC in person in Court”

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