Cameron Brown QC comments on European Super League for The Lawyer Magazine

April 21, 2021

Cameron Brown QC commented on the potential motive of the European Super League Football Club owners in a live blog for The Lawyer Magazine. This comes as all major clubs withdrew 48 hours after their announcement of joining and the Super League now faces collapse in its entirety. Commenting as the matter was unfolding, Cameron Brown QC said:

“Described by some as a battle between the US closed league profit model and the European model, which encourages promotion through sporting merit, the new European football super league promises a legal battle of super dimensions. On the one hand, FIFA, UEFA and the national associations have come out swinging, indicating that players who take part may lose their right to take part in the world cup and clubs involved may lose access to lucrative domestic competitions. On the other, the group behind the new league has warned that it will take legal action against such restrictions, presumably arguing that such conduct amounts to a restraint of trade. Recent rulings from the European Commission would appear to favour the rights of players in such circumstances. When the shock of the announcement eventually wears off, the parties will need to look at what they can actually do within the terms of their existing contractual arrangements and the regulations”

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