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Leila Chaker

Leila Chaker

Call: 2012

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Leila has built a busy practice prosecuting and defending in criminal and regulatory cases.  She is a tenacious advocate who prepares her cases meticulously.  Whilst acting primarily for the defence in the Crown Court, she has been instructed by the FCA and SFO in cases involving high profile institutions and individuals.  Leila has substantial experience in healthcare regulation and professional discipline and has been instructed in a wide range of cases involving clinical malpractice and professional misconduct.

Before becoming a lawyer, Leila worked in United Nations’ security policy.  Based in Geneva, she coordinated research programs, raised funds for field projects, lobbied delegates, and made written and oral submissions to various UN bodies such as the Human Rights Council.


General CrimeFraud & Proceeds of Crime (POCA)

Leila is regularly instructed in the Crown Court.

  • R v S (2016) Defended various weapons offences: acquittal after successful application to exclude key evidence from police officers.
  • R v NA (2016) Defended the first defendant in a multi-handed conspiracy to supply Class A drugs.
  • R v M (2016) Successful defence of alleged weapons offences where the reverse burden of proof applied and the defendant did not give evidence.
  • R v S (2016) Secured a non-custodial sentence for a guilty plea to cultivation of Class B drugs.
  • R v C (2016) Secured a suspended sentence for a guilty plea to ABH and false imprisonment of a teenage boy: the attack had been filmed and distributed it on social media.

Leila has advised and appeared in cases involving allegations of fraud and financial crime.

She has experience of large-scale SFO and FCA prosecutions and has considerable knowledge of the disclosure process and issues arising from legal professional privilege.

  • R v T (2016) Defended a Georgian national alleged to have been the only outstanding suspect in a fraud and associated money-laundering offences worth upwards of £2m.
  • R v G (2016) Defended a trainee solicitor alleged to have conspired to defraud Harvey Nichols department store.
  • R v N (2015)  Defended contested POCA proceedings where more than £500k of hidden assets were alleged. The final order was for less than £6k.
  • R v N (2016) Defended contested proceedings in which complex issues of third party interests and insolvency arose.
  • SFO v Standard Bank (2015) Instructed by the SFO in the first case to result in a Deferred Prosecution Agreement.

Regulatory & Professional Discipline

Leila has considerable experience in regulatory and professional discipline cases.  She is particularly experienced in healthcare regulation.

Clinical error/deficient performanceDishonestySexually motivated misconductOther misconduct Health allegationsCriminal regulatoryFinancial Regulatory

  • HCPC v IS (2017) Podiatrist who performed inappropriate treatment on a patient who subsequently had both legs amputated. Four expert witnesses gave evidence on highly specialised areas of podiatric and cardiology practice.
  • HCPC v PP (2016) Radiologist whose clinical errors made during pre-natal scans led to parents being given incorrect advice, including in one case that there was no foetal heartbeat, and in another, that the baby would be born with severe disabilities.
  • HCPC v MM (2016) Specialist paediatric dietician whose clinical errors led to a number of neo-natal patients being transferred to Intensive Care.  One child left permanently disabled.
  • HCPC v JD (2016) Paramedic who failed to identify sepsis in an infant patient. The baby died within hours of being examined.

  • HCPC v PC (2017) ODP alleged to have stolen various prescriptions drugs over a number of years from the hospital at which he worked.
  • HCPC v RA (2017) Social worker who retrospectively changed service user records to conceal her failure to safeguard a child who was at high risk of sexual exploitation.
  • HCPC v BG (2017) Paramedic who manipulated the tracking devices in his ambulance to avoid cases being allocated to him.

  • HCPC v NH (2017) Psychotherapist alleged to have groomed and raped a vulnerable patient. Complex issues of informed consent arose as the patient believed the ostensibly consensual sexual relationship was necessary for her treatment.
  • HCPC v IS (2017) Physiotherapist who sexually assaulted a patient during treatment.
  • HCPC v LL (2016) Social worker who began a sexual relationship with the parent of a service user.

  • HCPC v LT (2017) Social worker who managed a care home for profoundly disabled young adults and presided for two decades over an abusive regime likened to a ‘prison camp’.  Complex issues re admissibility of police evidence which was later excluded during an unsuccessful criminal prosecution.
  • HCPC v AB (2017) Represented the regulator in proceedings against a paramedic who, whilst working as a contractor for the DWP, was filmed mocking disabled people by a ‘Dispatches’ journalist.

  • HCPC v JA (2016) Psychotherapist with relapsing/remitting bipolar disorder. Secured a package of robust Conditions of Practice to safeguard patients and the registrant in the workplace.
  • HCPC v NJ (2016) Radiologist with alcohol dependence disorder. Transferred to the Health Committee despite a conviction for drink-driving and allegations that the registrant had arrived at work under the influence of alcohol.

  • OISC v M (2016) Prosecution of a barrister alleged to have been unqualified when he was practising in immigration law.
  • HSE v RK (2016)  Defended a company concerning breaches of prohibition notice.
  • R v AB (2016) Represented a police officer accused of misusing the police computer for personal matters.

  • FCA v X plc (2016) Led junior in proceedings before the RDC re alleged breaches of the Listing Rules and APER 1 during capital raising in 2008 by high profile individuals and institutions.



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2012 – BPTC, The College of Law (Outstanding)

2012 – LLB, University of Law

2009 – BA (Hons) Modern History, Kings College, Cambridge


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South Eastern Circuit

Criminal Bar Association

Association of Regulatory and Disciplinary Lawyers

Health and Safety Lawyers’ Association (HSLA)

Middle Temple


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Certificate of Honour: Middle Temple

Harmsworth Scholar: Middle Temple