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Barnaby Jameson QC

Barnaby Jameson QC

Call: 1993     Silk: 2018

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Barnaby Jameson is a sought after barrister based predominantly at the Old Bailey.  He specialises in:

  • Terrorism and counter-terrorism
  • Terrorist funding
  • International money laundering
  • International drug trafficking
  • Murder and violence crime
  • Complex fraud
  • Insolvency and company offences
  • Nuclear and pathogen security

Barnaby has been involved in wide range of terrorist cases over the last decade from ‘21/7’ (conspiracy to bomb the London Underground) to recent cases involving Islamic State. Terrorist cases have included:

  • Bomb and knife plots
  • Plots against governments
  • Encouragement of terrorism
  • Dissemination of terrorist publications
  • Possession of terrorist articles
  • Terrorist money laundering
  • Membership of terrorist organisations
  • Preparation of terrorist acts

In addition to his court practice, Barnaby writes and lectures on terrorism law.

He also advises financial and other institutions on combating money laundering and terrorist financing.


TerrorismInternational Money LaunderingDrugsFraudInsolvencyNuclear Security

  • R. v Hussain, Rohaman and others (2016) Funding of a UK-born Islamic State fighter in Syria.
  • Attorney-General’s Reference (No. 323 of 2016) Conjoined sentence appeals in three major terrorist cases: R –v- Abdallah and Gray; R –v- Khan and Khan; R –v- Shaukat and Moore.
  • R. v Hamayoon and Syed (2016) Remembrance Day terrorist knife-attack plot.
  • R. v Abdallah and Gray (2016) UK-Libyan terrorist cell arming and funding terrorist groups in Syria.
  • R. v Sardar (2015) ‘Iraq Bomb Maker’ case – conspiracy to murder a US serviceman with an Improvised Explosive Device constructed by a London taxi driver.
  • R. v Al-Shayeb (2015) Possession of terrorist articles to overthrow a Middle Eastern government.
  • R. v Miah (2015) Dissemination of Islamic State propaganda via Twitter.
  • R. v Mulindwa (2015) Defendant with schizophrenic history attempting to join al-Shabaab in Somalia.
  • R. v Ibrahim and others (2007) ‘21/7’ Conspiracy to detonate bombs on the London Underground.


  • R. v Karimzada and Arora (2010) £10 million Taliban money laundering case involving funds transferred to Afghanistan and 21 other jurisdictions.
  • R. v Frolovs and others (2008) Latvian/Russian criminal syndicate linked to the Kremlin involved in moving criminal funds through 30 bank accounts (in multiple false names) to Latvia, Russia and Poland.

  • Sempel and others (2011) Record multi-handed cannabis importation.
  • R. v Jones (2004) £100 million cocaine trafficking case (cocaine concealed in a hidden panel running the length of a racing schooner).

  • R v Smith, Churchley and Russell (2010) Complex British Airways ticketing fraud.

  • R v Cotton and others (2011) £1 million fraud on creditors of companies in recent liquidation.

  • R v Beddow (2011) Breach of an export licence for shipment of Cobalt Aluminate to Iran for use in constructing a nuclear warhead.

Publications, Lectures & Training


Barnaby is the general editor (with Naomi Parsons) of a forthcoming practitioner book on terrorism law.


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2006: Attorney-General’s ‘A’ Panel of Counsel (Criminal)

2012: Grade 4 Prosecutor