Barnaby Jameson QC participates in UNODC webinar on Far-Right Violent Extremism

September 30, 2021

Barnaby Jameson QC participated as a Guest Speaker at the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) webinar exploring the rise of Far-Right Violent Extremism (FRVE) among Member States and the international community.

With the rise in terrorist attacks by FRVE groups, or individuals affiliated with them, the UNODC webinar focused on the urgent need to enhance coordination and cooperation among bodies and agencies at the domestic and international level to prevent and counter FRVE conducive to terrorist activity.

Specialising in Counter Terrorism, Barnaby Jameson QC has been involved in a wide range of terrorist cases from the 21 July 2005 bombings (the conspiracy to bomb the London underground), cases involving Islamic State, to upcoming trials involving prosecuting two Heads of the neo-Nazi, far right organisation ‘National Action’.

UNODC is a key United Nations entity delivering counter-terrorism technical assistance Member States with their international legal responsibilities to counter terrorism, with a focus on criminal justice responses to terrorism.

The webinar was conducted under UNODC’s project “Prevention of and Responses to ‘FRVE”.

More info here: [United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime]