Aneurin Brewer secures acquittal for murder

March 29, 2022

RLC member Aneurin Brewer led by Emma Goodall QC ( Doughty Street) secured an acquittal for murder.

The client had been tried at Wood Green Crown Court for murder and casting a corrosive fluid.

The prosecution had alleged that the three defendants had ambushed the deceased in a “crack den” and attacked him and his associate. They were alleged to have sprayed the duo in the face with chlorine-based bleach and then chased them out on to the street where the deceased was said to have been fatally stabbed in broad daylight.

The fatal stabbing was said to have been witnessed by an apparently independent witness who was granted anonymity.

The defence were able to persuade the jury that the deceased and his associate had in fact been the aggressors and that the anonymous witness had been mistaken.

Aneurin Brewer was instructed by Sean Caulfield of Hodge Jones and Allen.

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