Alex Benn concludes armed robbery trial with acquittal

August 1, 2023

Alex Benn appeared on behalf of a defendant charged with armed robbery.

The prosecution alleged that the defendant had threatened the complainant and stabbed him with a serrated knife, then robbed him of hundreds of pounds in cash.

The defendant’s case was that the complainant had fabricated his account. The incident had actually involved an argument about a drug debt and there had been no stabbing or robbery.

The jury heard evidence of the bad character of both the defendant and the complainant, as well as contested evidence of what were said to be manufactured injuries. The jury was also told about the complainant’s previous allegation against the same defendant, which the police had determined to be false.

After a week’s trial in Isleworth Crown Court, the jury unanimously acquitted the defendant.

Alex Benn appears on behalf of defendants at all stages of criminal proceedings and has represented defendants tried for allegations including armed robbery, witness intimidation, sexual offences, supply of drugs, fraud and computer hacking. Read more: [Alex Benn Profile]

Alex was instructed by Wasef Ali of Liberty Law Solicitors.