Red Lion Chambers’ International Practice Group held a Seminar last night on: “The ISIL trials in Iraq- Legal and Practical Challenges” for Specialist International lawyers and human rights experts.

May 24, 2019

The Speaker was Mr. David Marshall, an Associate Tenant at Red Lion Chambers who was, until recently, the Team Leader of the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq’s Accountability and Administration of Justice Section.

Commenting on the event, the Red Lion Chambers Barrister, Mr David Young, who chaired the event said:

“David Marshall provided an excellent personal assessment of the difficult challenges currently facing Iraq’s criminal justice system, where there are huge numbers of accused in detention awaiting trial.David led the UN’s monitoring of over 150 ISIL cases in Iraq and observed many of the public trials. International human rights experts, including Human Rights Watch and a UN Special Rapporteur, have raised serious concerns over the fairness of the trials, which are likely in my view to come under increasing scrutiny.”

David Young is Co-Chair of Red Lion Chambers International Practice Group.