Joanna Hardy-Susskind interviews Chair of the Bar Council 2022

January 4, 2022

Joanna Hardy-Susskind has interviewed the new Chair of the Bar Council 2022, Mark Fenhalls QC, for Counsel Magazine.

Mark spoke to Joanna about the current issues facing the Bar including his aims and ambitions for his tenure. He discussed the effects of Covid and lockdowns on the Junior Bar, the changing culture of Chambers post-lockdown in the digital age, discrimination, bullying and harassment, the attrition rate of women at the Bar and the underrepresentation of those from minority backgrounds.

Mark summarised his aims to include an ‘earning path’ that creates a ‘sustainable and diverse profession’ and for barristers to have a ‘reward for the grief’- to enjoy and thrive in their work whilst enjoying some ‘peace and space’ after a relentless 2021.

Joanna reports: “He is worried about welfare, concerned about attrition and determined that the profession build back with resilience and realism in the new landscape that we face”

Read full interview here: [Counsel Magazine]