Joanna Hardy joins Legal 500 podcast

August 17, 2020

“Bright, plucky kids shouldn’t have to work ten times as harder as bright, rich kids to get to the same starting line….and when they do get there, they shouldn’t be treated differently”

RLC member Joanna Hardy joins The Legal 500 podcast to discuss social mobility, those entering the Bar from non-traditional backgrounds and how Chambers can help create a more diverse membership.

She comments: “Social Mobility is important to me as I spent years scraping and scrapping myself into the profession and felt years feeling out of place… even when I did arrive”

She talks about her parents sacrifice to financially support her; attending the local ‘comp’; working hard to eventually gain a 1st class honours from King’s College, London- which subsequently began to open doors for her.

“When you’ve worked so hard to get to the same starting line as other people you don’t tend to throw those opportunities away”

Listen to the full podcast here: [Legal500]