Jenni Dempster KC and Alex Benn consider unlawful detention writing for the New Law Journal

November 13, 2023

Jenni Dempster KC and Alex Benn examine the modern problems of unlawful detention, providing practitioners with some valuable guidance on navigating the system.

In the latest issue of the New Law Journal they:

-consider the challenges of the modern criminal justice system and highlight the risk of unlawful detention—one which arises more frequently than might be expected.

-shed light on how the threat of unlawful detention manifests itself and how practitioners can counter it

They comment: “It is imperative that the principles of lawful detention and habeas corpus are not only understood, but also followed by the prison and custody staff at court. It is in the best interests of both the criminal justice system and defendants that the risk of unlawful detention is minimised, upholding defendants’ right to liberty when there is no lawful ground restricting that right.”

Jenni Dempster KC specialises in defending cases involving murder and manslaughter, serious sexual offences and drug offences, often in high-profile and sensitive cases: [Jenni Dempster KC Profile]

Alex Benn appears on behalf of defendants at all stages of criminal proceedings and has represented defendants tried for allegations including armed robbery, witness intimidation, sexual offences, supply of drugs, fraud and computer hacking. Read more: [Alex Benn Profile]

Alex and Jenni benefited from discussing the issues with those working in the area, including Emma Oliphant of Blackfords LLP
Read piece here: [Specialist_Criminal_Dempster KC & Benn_27 October 2023]