Harper’s Law featured in Law Society Gazette’s “Best of the Blogs”

December 6, 2021

Simon Spence QC’s blog on Harper’s Law has been featured in ‘Best of the Blogs’ by Law Society Gazette.

The piece looks at some of the practical difficulties that the law presents.

Simon argues that one issue with the proposed change in the law is whether a ‘one size fits all’ sentence can always do justice to the myriad of circumstances where the offence is manslaughter rather than murder. for example, in the case of mentally ill killers of emergency workers. In addition, mandatory life sentences have only ever applied to murder and there is little guidance given about release provisions.

He comments:

“The sentiment behind the Harper’s Law campaign is one that no doubt everyone can relate to and sympathise with but the picture is a far more complex one than may be immediately apparent. Parliament will need to scrutinise the proposals with considerable care.”

Read more here: [Law Gazette]