David Walbank QC and John Binns of BCL Solicitors LLP present their ‘Review of the Year in Business Crime’

July 19, 2019
In his presentation, David embarked upon a comprehensive overview of the caselaw in the past 12 months, including all the key developments in relation to

  • The Investigation
  • Extradition and Mutual Assistance
  • DPAs & Assistance to the Prosecution Authorities
  • Reputation Management
  • Case Management & Evidence
  • Sentencing
  • Confiscation, Compensation and Forfeiture
  • Appeals & Judicial Review
  • Costs
  • Private Prosecutions

John Binns then followed up with a fascinating analysis of current policy issues and trends and the general direction of travel. The audio recording of the full lecture is here. David’s handout re the case law is here and John’s handout re policy issues and current trends is here.