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Paul has significant experience and expertise in providing advice and advocacy in sensitive and high profile criminal cases. He specialises in serious crime, including sexual offences, fraud and violent crime, including murder. Paul’s practice is equally divided between prosecution and defence work and includes demanding cases of the most seriousness and complexity.

He is often instructed in cases of a grave and serious sexual nature. These include allegations of historic rape and sexual abuse, including violent stranger rape; familial rape; rape of prostitutes and many cases involving children. Paul has the ability to put particularly vulnerable individuals at ease and is able to draw the best evidence from them.

A strong advocate, Paul is a persuasive, calm and efficient.


Paul practices in all areas of crime and has extensive experience in managing complex disclosure issues in large scale, serious and complex crime. Whether defending or prosecuting, Paul’s cases demonstrate a real ability to master vast quantities of information, often under the pressure of time.

Sexual Offences

  • Operation Wombarra (2017) Led by Jeremy Benson QC. Defended a brothel owner charged with controlling prostitution for gain, fraud and allegations of sexual violence upon prostitutes.
  • Operation Barzini (2016) Led by Rosina Cottage QC. Prosecuted in a 12 defendant, 62 count, paedophile ring indictment alleging over 20 ‘multiple incident’ rapes and attempted rapes; trafficking for sexual exploitation; arranging/facilitating child prostitution; causing a child to engage in sexual activity; penetrative and non-penetrative sexual activity with a child and engaging in sexual activity in the presence of a child.   Press Links: BBC
  • R v C (2016) Prosecuted husband accused of imprisoning, raping and torturing his wife.
  • R v B (2015) Prosecuted 19-count indictment for rape and other serious, historical and recent sexual offences against five family members and one young family friend. The case involved an enormous volume of historical third party records from eight service providers.
  • R v S and JS (2015) Defended lead defendant who faced allegations of attempted rape and false imprisonment
  • R v UA (2015) Defendant taxi driver accused of attempting to rape passenger.
  • R v S (2015) Prosecuted allegations of non-recent, repeated rape of young girl in an abandoned toilet having used social networking to groom.
  • Op. Amazon and Op. Bibb (2014) Prosecuted a social networking predator (a doctor) charged with a variety of 2003 SOA offences, involving long running and complex covert internet investigations, investigated by Child Protection Command concerning on-going sexual abuse of children.

Murder and Violent Crime

  • Operation Barbet (2017) Led by Jeremy Benson QC defending allegation of murder.
  • Operation Malinbridge (2016) Led by Riel Karmy-Jones QC prosecuting the fatal stabbing of young man on a West London housing estate. The trial involved issues of self-defence and loss of control.  Press Link: BBC
  • R v E and M (2016) Prosecuted mother and father for child cruelty against their 6-week-old baby for most of its life. The injuries included limb breaks, long bone fractures and joint dislocation and were comparable to swinging the baby by his limbs. The case involved extensive paediatric medical evidence (relating to age of injury and the measure of force used) and social services records.
  • Operation Ava (2016) Prosecuted 8 defendants involved in large-scale football violence following high-profile football match.
  • R v B (and others) (2016) Prosecuted a series of armed robberies in which ATM attendants were targeted, large quantities of cash stolen and subsequently laundered through East London betting shops.
  • R v M (2016) Led by Riel Karmy-Jones QC prosecuting the murders of two vulnerable adults in a residential care home caused by multiple stab wounds. Relevant issues included complex questions on diminished responsibility following an assessment of Mallin by four eminent mental health experts.  Press Link: BBC
  • R v JS (and others) (2015) Defended the lead defendant in a violent disorder where it was alleged that 50 men travelled from the Midlands to London to engage in serious, religiously motivated, extreme violence.


  • Operation Gage (2017) Defended wife who faced allegations of banking and property fraud who acted under duress from her husband.
  • Operation Aigrette (2013) Defended one of the lead money-laundering suspects in a 6-month trial of £103m conspiracy to import class A drugs, described by the Serious Organised Crime Agency as the largest importation of heroin from India, Pakistan and Afghanistan.
  • R v A (2013). Defended the first defendant in a cut-throat defence in a multi-handed multiple mortgage conspiracy to defraud.
  • Operation Saisir (2012) Led by Richard Christie QC for lead defendant in ‘Crash for Cash’ conspiracy to defraud approximately £6m involving over 250 staged accidents and exaggerated claims and more than 154,000 pages of complex evidence.
  • R v R (2012) Defended in an 8-handed £30m credit card fraud. The defendant was also charged with offences linked to kidnapping, false imprisonment and torture. No evidence was offered after a 5-week abuse argument regarding complex and multifaceted disclosure issues concerning the international financial industry, APACs and the DCPU.

Drugs & Organised Crime

  • R v B and C (2015) Prosecuted commercial supply of several kilos of cocaine of high purity level, following covert police operation.
  • R v M (2014) Defended the importation of large quantities cocaine by strapping the drug round their body.
  • R v V (2014) Defended importation of cannabis concealed in the bodywork and frames of imported cars.
  • R v V (2014) Prosecuted notorious West-End nightclub drug dealer following a targeted, covert surveillance police operation.

Inquiries & Appellate Work


Paul has experience of acting on behalf of and advising both Appellants and Respondents in the Court of Appeal

  • R v D-K (2017) For the Appellant concerning length of sentence for sexual offences.
  • R v E and M (2017) For the Respondent concerning sentence imposed for child cruelty.
  • R v H (2015) For the Respondent concerning appeal conviction.
  • R v N (2013) For the Appellant, concerning the length of sentence in a ‘Crash for Cash’ conspiracy.


  • "Strong advocacy and can be given the responsibility of holding the reins in big and difficult cases. Excellent communication skills particularly with instructing solicitors. Huge appetite for work and manages to balance a very large caseload. Just great to work with." - Legal 500 (2021)
  • "Very good at managing a complex disclosure exercise in a high-profile case." - Legal 500 (2020)


2:1 LL.B (Hons)


Criminal Bar Association

South Eastern Circuit

Gray’s Inn

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CPS Grade 3

CPS Rape Panel since 2012

Approved Pupil Supervisor


Leading individual in the Legal 500 directory (see Recommendations)