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Recent History

27. Feb 2017

Members of Chambers have appeared in many leading cases over the last seventy years, with appointments as circuit judges including the recent Recorder of London, HHJ Peter Beaumont QC., and the current chief coroner, HHJ Mark Lucraft QC.

Many of our members have gone on to take judicial appointments such as the Director of the Serious Fraud Office, David Green QC (until 2018) General Counsel to the Serious Fraud Office, Sara Lawson QC and Director of Public Prosecutions Max Hill QC. Michael Havers’ ex-pupil, Derek Spencer, continued the Law Officer connection by serving as Solicitor General from 1992-1997. Members have also chaired the Criminal Bar Association comprising of David Cocks QC; Peter Rook QC; Linda Dobbs QC; Max Hill QC; and Angela Rafferty QC.

Gillian Jones QC was appointed joint Head of Chambers, alongside Tony Shaw QC, in 2018 after her predecessor and Independent Reviewer of Terrorism Legislation Max Hill QC was appointed Director of Public Prosecutions for the CPS. Gillian is both the first woman and the youngest person to become Head of Chambers in its 70-year history.

Our commitment to equality is reflected by the growing number of female members at Chambers. A third of our silks are female and nearly 40% of female members within Chambers overall.
Linda Stern, later a silk and circuit judge, became our first female tenant in 1972. Dame Linda Penelope Dobbs, DBE, was the first black person to become a High Court judge when she was elevated alongside John Blofeld QC. Today, Dame Linda leads a team of senior and highly respected professionals in a new initiative RLConsulting, which launched September 2020; providing consulting services to law firms, governments, NGOs, corporations and institutions.

We are proud of our history and the values we have inherited from our predecessors. To date, we boast over 100 barristers, who everyday demonstrate their skill and dedication, inspired by the past members who made Red Lion Chambers what it is today.