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Davies and Havers Era

27. Feb 2017

Alun Talfan Davies QC was invited to become the new head of Chambers after Fred Lawton was made a judge in 1961. Alun Davies appeared with other members in the legendary case of Griffiths, the lime fraud case (Regina v Griffiths and others; CCA 1965). This was one of the first cases that altered the complexion of serious criminal trials making them  considerably longer than any which occurred  during the Norman Birkett and Marshall Hall era.

After deciding to return to South Wales, Alun Davies resigned in 1980. He was succeeded by Michael Havers, who having served as Solicitor General from 1972-1974, became Attorney General in Margaret Thatcher’s government from 1979-1987. He gave crucial advice in the Falklands conflict in 1982 and earned the Prime Minister’s gratitude for his unflappable role behind the scenes.

In 1987 he was appointed Lord Chancellor as Baron Havers of St Edmundsbury and David Cocks QC, a leading silk, took over, serving for 10 years until 1997.