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Anthony Arlidge QC

Anthony Arlidge QC

Call: 1962     Silk: 1981

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Anthony Arlidge is the original co-author of Arlidge and Eady on Contempt of Court (5th edition 2017) and remains the leading co-author of Arlidge and Parry on Fraud (5th edition 2017), both leading practitioner texts in their fields.

Tony has appeared many times in the Court of Appeal and the House of Lords: significant leading cases include R v Lawrence [1982] AC 510 HL (recklessness) and R v Prentice and Sulman (1994) 98 Cr.App.R. 262 (medical manslaughter).

Recent reported Court of Appeal cases include R v Killick [2012] 1 Cr.App.R. 10 (abuse of process in sexual cases) and R v Mohammed [2011] 1 Cr.App.R 35 (availability of appeal from a guilty plea) and R v Singh-Mann [2014] EWCA Crim 717 (unfair summing up breaching Art. 6).

He has also submitted written amicus briefs to the Supreme Court of the United States and the Santa Monica Court of Appeals.


During his career he has concentrated on:

  • High profile murder cases, such as the prosecution of Jeremy Bamber for multiple murders.
  • Complex fraud: he has defended successfully a number of SFO cases, including Blue Arrow, Marconi and Butte Mining. He represented Michael Allcock, a tax inspector charged with corruption. He also defended the widely publicised case brought against Terry Ramsden, for fraudulent trading and insolvency offences.
  • Prosecuting and defending in proceedings before Lloyds of London, the Stock Exchange and FIMBRA.
  • Medical cases: before the GMC his cases include defending a doctor accused of the misuse of hypnotism and the improper surgical removal of kidneys for sale. In the Crown Court he has defended a prison doctor, charged with manslaughter over the alleged improper prescription of methadone, and he secured the acquittal of Dr Martin, a GP charged with the murder of three of his patients.
  • Representing clients before the Sports Disputes Resolution Panel. He defended George Graham before the Football Association Panel on charges of corruption.
  • Immigration Appeals in the Administrative Court and Court of Appeal.

He is currently instructed in two handed drugs trial to be tried next year (2018)


Recent Casework

  • R v Ekaireb (Forthcoming: 2013) Murder trial following the disappearance of the defendant’s wife. No body has been found.
  • R v Mann and others (Harrow Crown Court, 2012) Defended the principal defendant in a £30million mortgage fraud.
  • R v Akhtar (2012) Defended in a large drug supplying case.
  • 2010-2012 Anthony has appeared in numerous immigration appeals during recent years in the Administrative Court and Court of Appeal.

Cases of Note

  • R v Duchesne (2008-09) High-yield investment fraud.
  • R v Baker (2009) Alleged gangland attacks dismissed for abuse of process.
  • R v Shorrock (2006-07) Pathologist charged with professional misconduct.
  • R v Thomas and ors (2006) Kidnap and murder in Reading of Mary-Ann Leneghan.
  • R v Conaghan and ors (2005) Successful defence of a contract gangland murder. The victim had been linked to the £26million Brinks Mat gold bullion robbery in 1983.
  • R v Martin (Dr) (2005) Successful defence of three charges of murder of patients by morphine overdoses. It was successfully argued that the prosecution had failed to prove the element of causation, or that, despite his experience as a family GP, the accused knew the effects of the drugs upon his seriously ill patients.
  • R v Regan and ors (2005) This widely reported murder trial is thought to be the longest in the history of the Central Criminal Court. Career criminal Regan and William Horncy were convicted of murdering five members of the Chohan family.

Earlier Significant Cases

  • R v Howell and ors (2000) EWCA Crim 486 One of the biggest anti-corruption investigations in the UK. The Court of Appeal upheld the convictions of five Flying Squad members for stealing more than £200,000 of the money recovered after a security van robbery. The case involved informant evidence. R v Early and ors (2002) EWCA Crim 1904 The London City Bond VAT fraud, in which it was alleged that £2billion of duty on the sale of alcohol had been evaded by exploitation of the bonded warehouse system. Eight appellants had their convictions quashed when it emerged that customs investigators had acted as agents provocateur and that a participating informant had been used and that the prosecution had failed to file proper disclosure of unused material.
  • R v Lawrence 2001 (2002) CLR 584 A six-handed carousel fraud. Probes had been inserted covertly in the accused office and in their cars. At trial the judge declined to exclude this evidence. He also ruled against an application to require the prosecution to give further disclosure, or to stay the prosecution as an abuse. These rulings were upheld on appeal. (with David Etherington QC and Peter Rowlands)
  • R v P and ors (2001) 1 AC 146 An appeal concerning the admissibility of evidence gained from foreign telephone intercepts and the effect of Art 6 and Art 8 ECHR. The House of Lords decided that the use of foreign intercepts made and dealt with in accordance with the law of another jurisdiction was lawful in the UK.
  • R v (1) Webb (2) Simpson, sub nom AG’s reference s (nos 87 and 86 of 1999) 2000 QB 427 Arch 26-104 This case concerned the sentences imposed on two defendants convicted of false accounting and tax evasion after cheating the revenue of £1.9 million. Mr Webb had previously been subject to a tax investigation which was settled for tax owed, interest and a monetary penalty. After conviction he was fined £694,000. Simpson was fined £106,000 and they were made the subject of a £1.6m confiscation order. The Crown appealed against the sentences and in a landmark decision the Court of Appeal held that the appropriate sentences were four and half years imprisonment for Webb and eighteen months to two years for Simpson, because of the sophistication, length and severity of their activities.

Publications, Lectures and Training


The Lawyers who made America (Hart Publishing: 2017)

Fraud (5th edition 2016) co-author (and of preceding editions 1985 to date)

Magna Carta Uncovered (Hart Publishing: 2014) with Lord Judge.

Contempt of Court Arlidge, Eady and Smith (1982 – 2003 editions)


Professional Appointments

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Treasurer, Middle Temple (2003)

Recorder (1979-1999) Bencher, Middle Temple (1989)