Red Lion Chambers has invaluable experience in judicial reviews. Our reputation acting in regulatory and criminal law cases has given us the tactical acumen and knowledge required for this area of law. We are therefore adept to advise clients on pre-action procedures and what is required to build a strong case.

Members regularly undertake administrative court work, whether in judicial review proceedings, or cases stated to the divisional court. We have vast experience in this area of law and are adept to handle the various cases that have arisen from a multitude of different sources. Some may concern control orders and decisions to exclude or deport individuals. Some involve more straightforward challenges to decisions taken in the Magistrates’ Court.  Others may flow from public inquiries (such as the Azelle Rodney Inquiry); criminal appeals (R (oao B) v Snaresbrook Crown Court); criminal investigations (e.g. the Kaupthing Bank Group investigation by the SFO); or Government obligations (R v Civil Aviation Authority & Sec of State for Defence ex p Islamic Human Rights Commission).

Our team have the legal expertise and understanding required to represent both claimants and defendants involved in the judicial review process.