Red Lion Chambers is ranked as one of the leading criminal sets at the Bar, having developed a strong reputation for defending and prosecuting an extensive range of sexual offence cases.

Our QCs and leading juniors have been instructed in notorious and complex cases that include Max Clifford; Dharmasena and Hussain (the first FGM case in the UK); Operation Svanetia (human trafficking of vulnerable Roma women); S (rape of multiple sclerosis patient by healthcare worker); Operation Folkstone (serial rape, kidnap and assault of prostitutes and children); Oxford sex trafficking cases; Stephen Port (serial rapist and serial killer) – all cases were widely publicised. At any one time our barristers will be involved in numerous complex and multi-handed cases. .

Our barristers have vast experience and expertise in the field of serious sexual offences, including;

  • Rape and serious sexual assaults
  • Domestic violence and marital/relationship rape
  • Child abuse
  • Grooming
  • Internet offences
  • Sexting and harassment
  • Paedophile rings
  • Historic sexual offences
  • Human trafficking and sexual exploitation
  • Indecent images/pornography/obscene publications
  • Offences involving breach of trust (e.g. allegations against teachers, medical professionals, family members)
  • Prostitution and related offences

Our members are also regularly asked to provide professional training to the judiciary, Inns of Court, solicitors, the police and other professional bodies. This includes specific training that focuses on serious sexual offence cases involving vulnerable witnesses and defendants on behalf of the Advocacy Training Council. Members of Chambers are also regularly called upon by the media to provide expert analysis of complex legal issues. Our representatives have given evidence and assisted Parliamentary select committees, the Home Office and Ministry of Justice.

Vulnerable Witnesses and Defendants

Red Lion Chambers has an outstanding team who specialise in working alongside vulnerable witnesses and defendants.  Vulnerability can arise through age; education; behavioural issues; substance misuse; learning difficulties; and mental or physical health or disability.  Every case is unique, and each case is treated with care.

On this sensitive subject, we help provide specialist training to the judiciary and other legal professionals.  Two members of Red Lion Chambers are Course Directors and designers for the Advocacy and the Vulnerable training programme that is being rolled out nationwide to all barristers working with vulnerable people. A number of members are also trained facilitators for the new training programme.

Other related topics we provide expert advice on include:

  • Pre-charge strategy
  • Charging decisions
  • Review and analysis of evidence
  • Admissibility of evidence (for example, interviews, bad character etc.)
  • Expert evidence
  • DNA and other forensic scientific evidence
  • Special measures for vulnerable witnesses and defendants
  • Use of intermediaries
  • Dealing with multi-complainants and/or defendants
  • Trial Preparation and presentation
  • Sentencing
  • Interlocutory and post-conviction appeals
  • Second opinion advice on appeal
  • Appeals out of time
  • Applications to Criminal Cases Review Commission
  • Criminal injuries/victim compensation